I do not want to put my hand anywhere near the mouth of that statue." Another of those creatures!" 15. Am considering buying Dragonborn DLC. She mentions she has an amulet that protects her from the temple's curse. Close. As she dashes towards Storn, she'll tell him the discovery you made in the temple: Frea: "Father! She'll then once again turn to you and shout: "Do something!" You meet her at the Temple of Miraak on Solstheim. When she notices you, she'll approach you: "You there. If Frea is your follower during The Path of Knowledge or The Gardener of Men, there's a period where she'll leave you but still take up your follower spot. Sign in to follow this . http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/13722/? Storn: "Frea! We should not delay. Frea actually wanted to be a warrior or an archer but instead had to follow her destiny of being a shaman of the Skaal village. Does that mean... is it over? If you use her as a follower throughout the Main Questline, she is one of the few companions that has unique dialog to environments or certain situations. It is the only way to free Solstheim forever from Miraak's shadow. Tell me of your people, the Skaal. 3. At the Summit of Apocrypha: Confront Miraak at the summit of Apocryphaand defeat him once and for all. A priest in their order. If you talk to her in Skaal Village before killing Miraak, she'll talk about the leaders of the Skaal and her possible aspirations in her village: "For many years now I have attended to Storn, learning his ways. You never know, you may find something of value up there. If you ask her what she's saving them from, she'll explain the dire situation: "I am unsure. You will now have a few options: As a follower, she will say the following greetings: The UESPWiki – Your source for The Elder Scrolls since 1995, Actors in this will never fill world interaction aliases, https://en.uesp.net/w/index.php?title=Skyrim:Frea&oldid=2308788, Skyrim-Factions-Actors in this will never fill world interaction aliases, Skyrim-Factions-DLC2SkaalVillageCitizenFaction. 15 Ingjard. Once you pull the lever, she'll run down the hall and say: "Thank you. As you enter the Sanctum, Frea will comment: "I do not know what it is Miraak learned that gave him reason to turn on his masters. Let us go. I'm flattered, but the village is my home. http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/73853/? Do you know those spells already?" Frea can be found on the right side after entering the door to Dragonreach. Frea comes with Solstheim has a story and joins you for a quest and is a much better companion. Frea and J'zargo also level infinitely, as well. Choosing the its time for us to part ways dialogue option doesnt do anything. I always thought that I would be a great hunter, or even the village chieftain." Nothing that lives remains the same forever. If you prefer to adventure on the right side of justice, then the jester assassin, Cicero, is … So let’s have a look at our top choices! As you proceed, she'll say: "It is eerily quiet. (Vampire class) This shape-shifter can be intensely frustrating as a follower, but the payoff is well worth it. Mjoll … I lost my Follower, Frea [duplicate] Ask Question Asked 4 years, 9 months ago. Frea is daughter of the village shaman Storn Crag-Strider of Skaal Village, and will succeed him at the end of The Fate of the Skaal. Frea is a Nord shaman found in the Skaal Village on Solstheim and is only available if you own the Dragonborn DLC. We will not have to listen to his complaining." I will let you know if I find anything in the dining area." She is sworn to carry the player’s burdens, and she really does carry … The Skaal need a shaman and I know that is my place.". Look around. We'll need it.". She was a series regular on A Skyrim Tale. Why are you here?" Incredibly annoying but unquestionably effective, Cicero is the keeper of the Night Mother, the rotten body in a coffin… It is not safe here! Frea and Ralis have Dual Flurry. Serana's strengths are destruction, conjuration, and sneak. She dual wielded the axes, as expected. Evil. When you initially approach Nchardak, she'll warn you: "The Skaal have always avoided ruins such as these. ", "Do not let his death be for nothing. Active 4 years, 9 months ago. After completing The Fate of the Skaal, you can tell Frea you fight well with her and she should join you: "Join you? Ready yourself. She also makes comments in response to the context of other NPC's dialog. Depending on which side you take in the quest, Serana can be found in either Fort Dawnguard or Volkihar Keep. The follower still has all items. Archived. Each follower, except J'zargo, CelannDG, DurakDG, IngjardDG and FreaDB, has a maximum level and a specific set of primary skills, which are dictated by their class. I shall follow when you are ready." She'll then follow the passage to a room with treasure and say: "I suspected there would be something down here.

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