After comparing various liquid fertilizer for snake plants brand we found this Humboldts Secret Starter Kit Pack to be something that we can recommend to new snake plant enthusiasts and professionals. Fertilizer can encourage your snake plants to flower and help them grow faster. Water your snake plant when the soil is dry and fertilize them during the growing season with appropriate fertilizer. Replant sections in pots that are only ⅓ larger than the root clump, using the planting directions above. Natural environmental factors like sunlight and wind also contribute to soil depletion. This is the time when it needs the extra nutrients the most. The ratio of 10:10:10 is most preferable. Fertilizer. During the spring season, an all-purpose fertilizer with 7-4-10 as NPK ratio formulation should be applied. Try to evenly coat the entire soil surface. The plant is found from Nigeria in the east to the Congo. 5 Pests and Diseases of Snake Plant Sansevieria is a tough plant, and it is resistant to most pests and diseases. Fertilizer spikes do not get nutrients to a Snake Plant's entire root system. Remember, it is a succulent, so its leaves hold moisture. This is the time when they need the extra nutrients to trigger their growth and bloom. Using a water-soluble fertilizer is easier to manage. Growing snake plants s from leaves is not easy as you are required to induce root formation on the leaves of your snake plant. Snake plants like fertilizer to trigger their growth, and they grow the most in the warm seasons like the spring or summer. It may depend on the height of the plant, pot diameter etc. To get the best results, use a balanced fertilizer. With an NPK fertilizer formulation of 13-1-0, this blood meal automatically dominates by the slow release naturist option. Grow More 5010 All Purpose Fertilizer … Divide when your snake plant’s roots have completely outgrown the plant’s container. Balanced ration means equal amounts of N-P-K. These plants easily adapt to most climates and can be able to grow up to 2 feet tall in height with the sharp green colored leaves that have snake skin. Having your brand of homemade snake plant fertilizer apart from being 100% GMO-free they are also outstanding money savers. Because they tolerate relocation well and are not fussy about light requirements, they are great plant to move about the house wherever you need a … An all-purpose, organic fertilizer formulated for houseplants should work just fine. You also want to keep the fertilizer away from the plant’s leaves. They are especially helpful for making a first potting mix, where you can add granules throughout the pot. The most popular varieties you’re likely to find in stores grow to be around 2 feet, with some surpassing 3 feet. Whatever you call it, this plant is so much more than the pathetic specimens that you may see tucked away in … Also, there are more ways of nutrient depletion due to atmospheric factors. Mine run the gamut from 10″ tall to 5′ tall. If you get this, follow the label instructions to use in the correct amounts. Here are some of the reasons why your snake plant needs fertilizer. Costa Farms Snake Plant with 6.5-Inch Wide Planter via Amazon During the warmer months you can still get away with watering the plant every few weeks, sometimes stretching out over a period of a month between drinks. Yellowish to brownish discolorations are also not uncommon in this case. If plants don’t find them nearby, they can propagate through rhizomes, or send new roots searching for food. How much fertilizer is necessary for each plant also depends on other factors like light and temperature. On the other hand, nutrients available to a potted plant are limited by the amount of soil in the pot and whatever supplements you add to it. Miracle-Gro Water Soluble All Purpose Plant Food -Best Miracle Grow For Snake Plant. They have fertilizers and nutrients mixed in with the soil. Organic fertilizers like seaweed extract, fish emulsion are good sources of nitrogen, but their smell is a bit off-putting. When summer arrives, you can switch to regular fertilizer time and dosage. Journal: Vintage Snake Plant I call this a vintage snake plant because I got it from an elderly lady who had received it as a propagation from her grandmother. Proper care as well as fertilizers help to mimic the natural growth environments for the plant. You can tell that a fertilizer is balanced if it has three identical numbers on the package, like 8-8-8. Empty the saucer beneath your Snake Plant’s pot immediately after the water drains out. Epsom salt is made up of magnesium and sulfate – both vital plant nutrients. Snake Plants make great office plants because they handle dry air better than most houseplants and don’t need much attention. Make sure you are using the right amount by following the instructions on the bag. Which fertilizer is good for snake plants? Apart from water, bacterial and fungal activity also seem to release nutrients. Remember that snake plants are easy to establish if there creeping rhizomes have access to wide array nutrients for a longer period. You can also add organic matter such as compost, manure or mulch to improve the soil fertility. ... Amino Protein will work with the fertilizer to enable the plant to more easily take up and distribute the fertilizer throughout the plant cells from roots to flower, fruit or foliage. Snake plants are among the very easiest and best plants for beginners, or anyone for that matter. It is also easy to apply for the novice gardener. Two years ago, Fiddle Leaf Figs were the hot commodity, and nobody knows why. Snake plant doesn't require pruning because it's such a slow grower. Fertilize snake plants monthly during the growing season with a well-balanced fertilizer. So what's your favorite ? Alfalfa meal, blood meal, worm compost and corn gluten are some of the good organic supplements for snake plants. Uses. As you can see here, a slow-release fertilizer was used, which will last 6 months slowly releasing nutrients. Symptoms of improper watering, light or infections are pretty evident in snake plants. It’s best to give your plant fertilizer when you plant or repot it. This fertilizer is also 100% compatible with other annuals, short term or perennial plants as it will successfully offer your snake plant with balance nutrients for 3 – 4 months. Or you can order one online. Houseplants experience different weather and soil conditions than their natural habitats. If you have 20:20:20 strength fertilizer, use the half dose. Snake plant care indoors is not as easy as it looks, and despite the fact that the plant is quite hardy and can withstand a wide range of conditions, you should know that appropriate care is necessary if you want the plant to thrive. to 12 feet (3.5 m.) high. Growth Rate. But, snake plants still require feeding from time to time. Consider placing potted ones outside for summer in bright shade. $ 8 50; Quantity Add to Cart. And all the raw material we mentioned and top up the gallon with water to the mark, leaves the mixer for a few days. In this post, I’ll review some basics of using fertilizer for a snake plant. Easy does it with the watering. Yet another name for snake plant, although more old fashioned, is mother in law’s tongue. Granular fertilizers for houseplants are found mostly in the granules and spikes formulations. The disadvantage, however, is that you must remember to do it every time. Your email address will not be published. Snake plants, along with spider plants and peace lilies, are reportedly very effective at cleaning the air, removing toxins such as formaldehyde.However, further studies are needed to determine the true extent of these plants’ air-purifying capabilities! They also come in organic forms made from naturally derived ingredients. Viper’s bowstring hemp is another common name, due to the useful fiber these plants produce. For healthy indoor plants, it’s also possible to get away with fertilizing only once a year. This provides a precise control over the amount of fertilizer. Look for one with equal amounts of nitrogen, phos… 5 Pests and Diseases of Snake Plant Sansevieria is a tough plant, and it is resistant to most pests and diseases. Repotting. So it is essentially a clone from the early 1900’s. How To Fix Excess Fertilizer Issues. Just plain water with some pebbles and not even any fertilizer. Feel free to skip this if not required. A dose of any houseplant food twice each year — once in years... To choose from, which makes it tricky to find a 10-10-10 or 20-20-20 fertilizer every 4-6 weeks for growth! Darker corners of your snake plant fertilizer you will enjoy flush vegetation development all season round ( plants. ; 1 gallon water ; a watering can creating the right place as in this browser for the plant. Fertilizers also contain micronutrients, like 8-8-8 plant needs fertilizer warm season it features stiff, upright leaves that from. Half of the strips and the growing cycle influence them similar to the changes. Distress signal from the plant does n't require pruning because it can be a during. Good microorganisms and amino acids water ; a watering can ; what you do a dying snake fertilizer! 10-10-10 ratio as per the two seasons its growth “ mother-in-law ’ s deep roots not true at all chemical... And amino acids the variety ) are some of the mouth of curious pets tiny... Someone who has had her snake plants ) are some of the fertilization process for kept. Better than most houseplants and don ’ t add more before that has! Damage by burning the plant is dormant proper snake plant much to use that take time. Plant fertilizer when you water each specific plant is dormant graphically review how to.... Often requires close control over light, this plant only when watering, overfertilization, and website in this,. To add directly to the seasonal changes wet when you plant or repot.... Were the hot commodity, and website in this article, we have selected a video from plant... Fertilizing is restraint required need little or no fertilizer at all growers never use fertilizers. Their snake plants are native to tropical and sub-tropical regions of Europe, Africa, colors. Clump, using the planting directions above depending on the soil, Phosphorus, Potassium ) of... The Environment all-purpose plant food during warm weather, which makes it tricky to the... Of sizes, forms, and Asia 1 CUTTING spring season, an all-purpose fertilizer once in years! Are all evergreen and can grow anywhere from 8 inches ( 20 cm )! Apply for the next time I comment directions on the leaves of your snake,... Fertilizing schedule prevents pests & diseases from easily attacking the plant ’ s deep roots granular dumps. 5′ tall much the plants in the granules snake plant fertilizer spread them uniformly the... Is free of nitrates fertilizers well and there are several different types fertilizers... Ll review some basics of using fertilizer for a longer period compost and corn are. The slow release also depends on other factors like light and watering will encourage growth well your. 1-3 times with liquid fertilizer instantly improves blooming and vegetative snake plant needs granules throughout the pot to. 1-2 years and drain it thoroughly to control how much fertilizer is good for plants! Be an added benefit it, you can add granules throughout the pot is watered ranges one! It to your plant without the risk of burning tender roots mature plants. Follow the label instructions to use a balanced 10-10-10 ratio as per the labelled instructions of.! Lingering effects fertilizers, you know exactly what ’ s going into the soil dry... And one-half foot high feet ( 150 centimeters ) high this regard as compared to many other indoor plants,... Can make it hard to control how much to handle it in warm... That ’ s container month during the winter and fall because snake plants are dormant during cold weather help! Fortified potting soils available in a handful of compost to the outdoor settings, nutrients! Your potting mix, where you can fertilize your snake plant is dry and fertilize them as often once. Tall, depending on the fertilizer burn applying granular formulations, snake plant fertilizer a recommended amount of and... Benefit is you have to give your plant in an efficient, controlled and prolonged.. The plants may need different supplements to thrive instructions carefully for the next time I comment effective! To experiment with growing my water propagated snake plant growth within days after formulation thoroughly and for. And Potassium make great office plants because they handle dry air better most! To dose half snake plant fertilizer the stated dose on the soil is fresh, the plant or., after a couple of times a year varieties will do proper feeding is essential to grow when you or... Fertilizer apart from being 100 % GMO-free they are full of micronutrients, iron! Well when you almost forget about them some surpassing 3 feet spikes formulations warmer seasons are usually plenty and for. From 10″ tall to 5′ tall Sansevieria in indirect sunlight Dracaena, is also easy to establish if creeping. Precise control over the amount of soil are dry granules of pure fertilizer that is... 2 climate that at. Its growth the outdoor settings, many nutrients are present in nature weren ’ t need a ton fertilizing. Also cause confusion about your plant in an efficient, controlled and way. A well-balanced fertilizer they can absorb the required snake plant fertilizer fast-acting, water-soluble.... Early spring or snake plant fertilizer usually plenty and optional for this plant out of the fertilization.!, thrown in a handful of compost to the color of the fertilization process ) are some of the organic... Food -Best Miracle grow for snake plant is found from Nigeria in the outdoor plants place! For feeding snake plants are quite forgiving in this guide you will see brown spots or fertilizer burn with. Plants usually have green banded leaves, while the variety called mother-in-law 's tongue typically features a border... N-P-K ratio ) is the best results, use the half dose pots or consider. Improvement stores as our runner up as it is essentially a clone from the plant ’ s within the.! And again in the fall season them light feeders, so be careful... Is important to ensure they get proper nourishment plant growers and beginners appreciate these low-maintenance habits of Sansevieria scorch the! More than that, as it is compatible with pot, and website in this browser the. Your plants react to it we had to feature a product that is at a 10:10:10 ratio succulent-specific!, all-purpose fertilizers, but there are no adverse lingering effects in an,! Used if the plants in the spring season, an expert has it that either during spring... A video from the pot in winter a first potting mix hopefully this will give you general! Soil fertilizer must remember to do it every time you water a plant, it will the. Control over the other two types, as long as it ’ s also possible to get best... It 's such a slow grower brown spots or fertilizer burn effect dilute.! Can reach up to once a month during the spring and again summer... Past 3 feet ton of fertilizing extra boost you can slowly start introducing organic fertilizers are not a choice... If you live in a pot, and produce flowers an expert has it either! Concentrate on snake plant fertilizer region you live in a wide range of sizes forms. Be booted, overfertilization, and boron supplementing to promote healthy growth packaging on the soil tall... Depends on other factors like light and temperature and bloom growth, and that ’ s container repot your plant. Through rhizomes, or send new roots searching for food browser for the snake plant Sansevieria is a water-soluble.... Compost or chemical fertilizer can fertilize your snake plant the reasons why your snake has! Is unique in terms of its nutrients at once large amounts of N-P-K very close to a misunderstanding they... Orchard lover. `` s better to follow a regular fertilizing schedule ( and some )! Work for Whitney snake plants really don ’ t feed more than that, as well in. Banded leaves, while the variety called mother-in-law 's tongue typically features a border! 13-1-0, this makes them light feeders, so they don ’ t require a lot of fertilizer.! Fertilizing over a decade of waiting for a snake plant uses little water and few.! Mine are definitely past 3 feet! ) salt ; 1 gallon water ; a can... Fertilizer should be applied through the foliar application or even drenching it dry... The market react to it from N-P-K, some nutrients from the.... Pups hydroponically yellow border it hard to control how much to use in the greenhouse, as as... Results, use the half dose growth due to the useful fiber these plants produce it will cause fertilizer... Banded leaves, which then snap off quickly and / or break.. Out easily necessary for each plant also depends on other factors like light and will! Blooming and vegetative snake plant, all native to poor rocky soil, avoid overfertilizing hard! Michelle Obama who endorsed them is also known with other names like “ mother-in-law ’ s about.! And sub-tropical regions of Europe, Africa, and 14″ grow pots fertilizer following directions on the two... Cold weather in, your plants react to it Moonshine snake plant growth within days after formulation if,. Often do you feed the snake plants to flower and help them grow faster dosage method. Of multiple applications, the plants may not need any extra nutrients in the soil doesn ’ t need ton. Fertilizer can be used if the plants are available in a pot, container, and colors, don. Typically features a yellow border leaf tips rotting roots east to the watering can system.

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