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extreme in a sentence
www.use-in-a-sentence.com English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "extreme" Those calling for the immediate resignation of the President are simply extremists who do not truly believe in the process of democracyCactus plants are uniquely adapted to the extreme temperatures of the desert. extreme (adj): very great; very serious or severe Listen to all | All sentences (with pause) The royal orders following 1825 developed a system of extraordinary and extreme repression. The temperature has an extreme range of from 72° to 95° F., with a mean of about 80°. It was, however, no doubt at his wish that his chaplain wrote the Life of Julian the Apostate, in reply to Dr Hickes's sermons, in which the lawfulness of resistance in extreme cases was defended. The sea immediately south of Formosa is the birthplace of innumerable typhoons, but the high mountains of the island protect it partially against the extreme violence of the wind. By the Federal census of 1850 the territory had a population of 6077, most of whom lived east of the Mississippi, or along the Red river in the extreme north-west. Those who take up such an extreme position regarding his merits have known too little of the state of contemporary science, and have limited their comparison to the works of the scholastic theologians. The financial strait of the French government in 1789 was extreme. Outside the basins of these rivers and their bordering mountain systems there only remain to be considered the following: (I) The Mediterranean littoral strip (the ancient Phoenicia), with a few torrent-like streams. HERE are many translated example sentences containing "EXTREME PAIN" - english-german translations and … This fact, combined with her youth and the extreme corruption of the French court, made her position very difficult. He was a man of extreme simplicity in his method of life. A more intimate acquaintance with the language commonly used by many of the more extreme "Ritualists" would have shown him that there has been, and is, no lack of such intention. We find that this dissipation, although undoubtedly going on, proceeds with extreme slowness, so that the vibrations pass their energy on to the ether as rapidly as they acquire it, and the " normal state " is never established. They are of extreme interest, and give a remarkable picture of the war and the fortunes of the royalists. The government was a despotism, but a king who aroused the extreme dissatisfaction of his subjects was liable to be murdered. If the glass is very badly annealed, the lenses made from it may fly to pieces during or of ter manufacture, but apart from such extreme cases the optical effects of internal strain are not readily observed except in large optical apparatus. English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families The Word "Helmet" in Example Sentences Page 1. MILLOM, a market town in the Egremont parliamentary division of Cumberland, England, in the extreme south-west of the county, on the Furness railway. The war may be studied from the military point of view as an extreme example of what Clausewitz calls "war with a restricted aim.". He had extreme diffi Latin America's "extreme Left" considers the book to be its bible. Examples of extreme sport in a sentence, how to use it. The strong measures he took against disorderly elements in Aragon in 1591 were provoked by extreme misconduct on the part of a faction. Capponi resigned, and Leopold reluctantly agreed to a MontanelliGuerrazzi ministry, which in its turn had to fight against the extreme republican party. Meaning: [-mɪst] n. a person who holds extreme views. The latter measure produced extreme suffering and much starvation (as the reconcentrados were largely thrown upon the charity of the beggared communities in which they were huddled). The Peak lies immediately to the south-west of the capital, in the extreme north-west corner of the island, and is used as a station for signalling the approach of vessels. One district in the extreme north-west of Thrace lay beyond the watershed separating the streams that flow into the Aegean from those that reach the Danube: this was the territory of Sardica, the modern Sophia. Moreover, by refusing the royal terms, the Coalition had forced the crown into an alliance with the extreme democratic elements in the state. The father, who treated his children with extreme indulgence, allowed him to choose his school, and he elected to go to one kept at Wandsworth by a French refugee, named Pampelonne. It is not connected with any portion of Europe or America except by suboceanic ridges; but in the extreme north it is separated only by a narrow strait from Ellesmere Land in the archipelago of the American continent. guished from the pre ceding by the position of the ovipositor at the extreme apex of the abdomen, and from the groups that follow (with very few exceptions) by the jointed trochanters of the legs. adj. Debussy has this in common with Strauss, that he too regards harmonies as pure physical sensations; but he differs from Strauss firstly in systematically refusing to regard them as anything else, and secondly in his extreme sensibility to harshness. 2, His political ideas are rather extreme. When f attains a certain value, say the extreme error of phase to be compensated falls to X. The war between the rival emperors, Frederick of Austria and Louis of Bavaria, and the interdict under which the latter was placed in 1324 inflicted extreme misery upon the unhappy people. Such an extreme relativity, as advocated by T. A disciple of Neander, he belonged to the extreme right of the school of mediating theologians. The training takes place during the first year, and the work is learned with extreme facility. This is the British English definition of extreme.View American English definition of extreme.. Change your default dictionary to American English. The accessory divaricators are, according to the same authority, a pair of small muscles which have their ends attached to the ventral valve, one on each side of the median line, a little behind the united basis of the adductors, and again to the extreme point of the cardinal process. 2. In this category may be placed head-deformation, which reached its extreme development among the Indians of North-West America and the ancient Peruvians; foot-constriction as practised by the Chinese; tooth-chipping among many African tribes; and waist-compression common in Europe at the present day. With the exception of the extreme north (Commagene), which is shut off by a barrier of hills and belongs to foreign hydrographic systems, the whole country is roughly a gable-shaped plateau, falling north and south from a medial ridge, which crosses Syria at about its central point. Some might argue that these extreme sentencing policies would be justified by their effectiveness at dissuading would-be criminals. In this list are included of course all shades of opinion, from extreme Nominalism to extreme Realism. After publishing The Mock Mourners, intended to satirize and rebuke the outbreak of Jacobite joy at the king's death, he turned his attention once more to ecclesiastical subjects, and, in an evil hour for himself, wrote the anonymous Shortest Way with the Dissenters (1702), a statement in the most forcible terms of the extreme "high-flying" position, which some high churchmen were unwary enough to endorse, without any suspicion of the writer's ironical intention. The situation which presented itself was delicate in the extreme. In order to make the formula (5) hold for the extreme values n (o) and n (n) we must adopt the convention that o ! This is no doubt accounted for by the extreme poverty which prevails among the lower classes, though beggars, on the other hand, are very few, the convictions being 8.95 per 100,000 against 258.15 per 100,000 for the province of Rome. Extreme definition: Extreme means very great in degree or intensity. Thanet is roughly oblong in form, its extreme measurements being about 8 m. Mere enlargement of an organ does not imply that it is in a state of hypertrophy, for some of the largest organs met with in morbid anatomy are in a condition of extreme atrophy. How to use extreme in a sentence. The work upholds the doctrine of resistance, but affirms that resistance must come from properly constituted authorities and objects to anything which savours of anabaptism or other extreme views. The Angora rabbit is characterized by the extreme elongation and fineness of the fur, which in good specimens reaches 6 or 7 in. Vases and drinking cups were produced of extreme lightness, in the walls of which were embedded patterns rivalling lace-work in fineness and intricacy. Extreme quotes from YourDictionary: Extreme Programming is the most prominent new, light-weight (or agile) methods, defined to contrast the current heavy-weight and partially overloaded object-oriented methods. The right half of the British were to withdraw by " V " beach and the left half by " W " beach, except that the final detachments on the extreme left, representing the 13th Division, were to be got off at Gully beach. AMAZONAS, the extreme north-western and largest state of Brazil, bounded N. "The emperor," he wrote, "doubts and denies that all men and all things are subject to the See of Rome. North Carolina has an extreme length from E. South Carolina led the extreme radical element in the South and was the first state to secede. The east and the extreme south-west parts are the principal industrial districts. The polemic on both sides was violent; but, as usual, the extreme views prevailed, and on the assembling of the diet of 1843 Kossuth was more popular than ever, while the influence of Szechenyi had sensibly declined. He had suffered extreme pain for years before his death, and in fact broke down altogether under disease contracted in the discharge of his duty. Menu. At the extreme north-eastern end of the lake, on an islet which, when the water is low, becomes part of the mainland, stand the imposing ruins of Kilchurn Castle. In the extreme north-west an elevated region, whose aridity is caused by the " blanketing " influence of the eastern Andean ranges, extends. The dolmen-builders of the New Stone Age are now known to have long occupied both Korea and Japan, from which advanced Asiatic lands they may have found little difficulty in spreading over the Polynesian world, just as in the extreme west they were able to range over Scandinavia, Great Britain and Ireland. in extent, contains for the most part land of extreme fertility. Small in stature, with a well-knit frame, the cheekbones prominent, the face generally round, the nose and neck short, a marked tendency to prognathism, the chest broad and well developed, the trunk long, the hands small and delicate this Malay type is found in nearly all the islands along the east coast of the Asiatic continent as well as in southern China and in the extreme south-west of Korean peninsula. about 4000), Phan-Thiet (pop. Many of the sentences have audio, too. Extreme means very great in degree or intensity. Examples of how to use the word 'extreme' in a sentence. Even after they’re released from prison, p arole conditions require formerly incarcerated people to pay restitution, supervision fees, and other costs. long, with an extreme breadth of nearly 3 m., with a large but shallow lagoon approached from the north by a passage two fathoms deep. Translations in context of "EXTREME PAIN" in english-german. Rhode Island is the smallest state in the Union, having an extreme length, N. His complexion was of an extreme pallor, and, combined with his jet-black hair, gave in earlier life something of an Italian aspect to his face. (vii.) The other extreme end closes, but the invaginated endoderm cells remain in continuity with this extremity of the blastopore, and form the " rectal peduncle " or " pedicle of invagination " of Lankester, although the endoderm cells retain no contact with the middle region of the now closed-up blastopore. In diabetes mellitus, in which there is marked derangement in metabolism, extreme fatty changes are occasionally found in the organs, and the blood may be loaded with fat globules. At the same time it renders more intelligible the extreme sensitiveness of the bodywall of the Nemertines, a local and instantaneous irritation often resulting in spasmodic rupture of the animal at the point touched. coast of Norway, in Finmarken amt (county), in 70° 40' 11" N., the latitude being that of the extreme north of Alaska. The artillery was posted on the Dunbar side of the burn, directly opposite and north of Doon, the infantry and cavalry crossed where they could, and formed up gradually in a line south of and roughly parallel to the Berwick road, the extreme left of horse and foot, acting as a reserve, crossed at Brocksmouth House on the outer flank. Thus at Woodhead, lying high in the extreme north, it is 52.03 in., at Buxton 49.33 in., at Matlock, in the middle part of the Derwent valley, 35.2 in., and at Derby 24.35 in. - Derivative forms in which the reduction in number of the anterior appendages is carried farther than in the other orders, reaching its extreme in the Pycnogonidae, where the 1st and 2nd pairs are absent in both sexes, and the 3rd pair also are absent in the female. solus, alone, ipse, self), a philosophical term, applied to an extreme form of subjective idealism which denies that the human mind has any valid ground for believing in the existence of anything but itself. north of Bhagwanpur, the chief town of a district of the same name in the extreme south of Nepal, just over the frontier dividing Nepal from the district of Basti in British territory. The atoll is growing outwards on every side, and at one place rises 19 ft. On the extreme north are the Kuriles (called by the Japanese Chishima, or the myriad isles), which extend to 156 32 E. and to 50 56 N.; on the extreme south is Formosa (called by the Japanese Taiwan), which extends to 122 6 E., and to 21 45. Roscher suggests that the localization of her birthplace in the extreme west points to the western sea, the home of cloud and storm. thick, and is stretched on the extreme end of a pipe which is then forced into the next socket. In some species it is possible that they have scarcely more than one day's existence, but others are far longer lived, though the extreme limit is probably rarely more than a week. The history of these kingdoms furnishes a long list of queens and princesses who were ambitious ' Antiochus Epiphanes was an extreme case. Moreover, these four are the only monatomic gases for which the value of y is known, so that the only atoms of which the shape can be determined are found to be spherical. A simple sentence with “extreme” contains a subject and a verb, and it may also have an object and modifiers. The body's metabolism is slowed down by extreme cold. (used of opinions and actions) far beyond the norm. In acute and chronic alcoholism, in phthisis, and in other diseases this fatty condition may be very extreme, and is commonly found in association with other tissue changes, so that probably we should look on these changes as a degeneration. In the treatment of disease his practical innovations came at a fortunate time, when the excesses of the depletory system had only partially been superseded by the equally injurious opposite extreme of Brown's stimulant treatment. Hernando Cortez John S. C. Abbott On his extreme right Cissey occupied the Vanves gate and lined the whole railway of the west. Sometimes extreme weather or disasters can inspire a " recentist " article. It is a further striking fact, not unconnected with those just enumerated, that the extreme range of optical properties covered even by the relatively large number of optical glasses now available is in reality very small. the power over south Arabia passed from the Sabaeans to the Himyarites, a people from the extreme southwest of Arabia; and about this time the kingdom of Katabania came to an end. This reduction of the temperature, carried to an undesirable extreme, is the reason why the man who has copiously consumed spirits "to keep out the cold" is often visited with pneumonia. The situation called for extreme measures. The arrangements are certainly such as indicate a congregational purpose, but the extreme narrowness of the suite, and still more of the passage which connects the two divisions, must have rendered it difficult for any but a small number to take any intelligent part in the services at the same time. The variations of temperature are very great in Siberia, amounting near the coast to more than 100° Fahr., between the mean of the hottest and coldest months, and to still more between the extreme temperatures of those months. Sivaji's own father had founded a dominion at Tanjore in the extreme south, which, however, never had relations with the central power at Poona. However, it contains only one independent clause. With the exception of the heavier flint (lead) glasses, these can be produced so as to be free both from noticeable colour and from such defects as bubbles, opaque inclusions or " striae," but extreme care in the choice of all the raw materials and in all the manipulations is required to ensure this result. Two species of blind fish, of extreme scientific interest, are found in the caves of the island. They contend even that extreme unction was so instituted, and that St James in his Epistle did but promulgate it. The animal is thoroughly adapted for extreme speed, the long, rat-like tail being used in balancing the body in quick turns. Zapolya, a devout Catholic, is lauded by Archbishop Frangipan in 1533 for arresting the spread of the new doctrines, though he would not allow Martinuzzi to take the extreme step of burning perverts at the stake. See more. Cleryarrived in Cape Town, ahead of his troops, on the day following Lombard's Kop. C. Jerdon states that the Indian ratel is found throughout the whole of India, from the extreme south to the foot of the Himalaya, chiefly in hilly districts, where it has greater facilities for constructing the holes and dens in which it lives; but also in the north of India in alluvial plains, where the banks of large rivers afford equally suitable localities wherein to make its lair. Thus it appears that from the Arctic Ocean there stretches a broad area as far as the south of China, in which no marine deposits of later date than Carboniferous have yet been found, except in the extreme north. Extreme definition, of a character or kind farthest removed from the ordinary or average: extreme measures. Incarceration is a permanent punishment for many Americans. Under extreme crushing these basic rocks may be converted into dark biotite-schists, or greenish chloriteschists. Both husband and wife were extreme examples of the licentious manners of the time, but they not unfrequently lived together for considerable periods, and nearly always on good terms. His extreme liberalism prevented his opposing the spread of Socialist doctrines preached far and wide by Benjamin Constant. Tsetse-flies are restricted to Africa, where they occur in suitable localities throughout the greater portion of the tropical region, although not found either in the Sahara or in the veld country of the extreme south. Force is only justified in extreme circumstances . But after three hours, Pescara's light horse having meantime been driven in by the superior light horse of the enemy, the artillery-loving duke of Ferrara conceived the brilliant plan of taking his mobile field-guns to the extreme right of the enemy. The second party was directly opposed to the first; one extreme, as always happens, was met by representatives of the other. The extreme south of the county is lacking in picturesqueness, being for the most part level, with occasional slight undulations. 2. It was obviously, however, a measure to be used only in the last resort and with extreme reluctance. We're doing an extreme close-up, so we don't have to do too much post-photo work. GREENWICH, a township of Fairfield county, Connecticut, U.S.A., on Long Island Sound, in the extreme S.W. The extreme temperatures in Siberia may be considered to lie between 80° and 90° Fahr. between the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea in nearly rectangular form for about 280 m., with about the same extreme width in longitude. How to use extreme sport in a sentence Looking for sentences with "extreme sport"? Thus the osmotic pressure, or the depression of the freezing point of a solution of potassium chloride should, at extreme dilution, be twice the normal value, but of a solution of sulphuric acid three times that value, since the potassium salt contains two ions and the acid three. Another small body of Shiites, the Isniailites (Assassins (q.v.) Then the relative retardation of the extreme rays (corresponding to the edges A, B of the grating) is mnX. 240+23 sentence examples: 1. 2. Wellington had also difficulties of a similar kind with his own government, and also the Spanish soldiers, in revenge for many French outrages, had become guilty of grave excesses in France, so that Wellington took the extreme step of sending 25,000 of them back to Spain and resigning the command of their army, though his resignation was subsequently withdrawn. To these must be added the Turkish islands in the Aegean usually reckoned to Europe, that is, Thasos, Samothrace, Imbros and, in the extreme south, Crete or Candia. The extreme width of the aeroplane supporting surfaces must not exceed 40 feet. So far as the extreme claims of the tsar were concerned, neither Austria nor Prussia was willing to concede them, and both had joined with France and Great Britain in presenting, on the 12th of December 1853, an identical note at St Petersburg, drawn up at the Conference of Vienna, reaffirming the principles of the treaty of 1841. "In the height of corporate arrogance, Nike is putting its sweat-shop operations on tour, marketing them as an ' extreme sport. - Immediately on the outbreak of the World War measures of extreme severity were taken by the civil and military authorities of Austria-Hungary throughout their Yugoslav provinces. By legislative enactment whites and blacks living in adultery are to be punished by imprisonment or fine; divorces may be secured only after two years' residence in the state and on the ground of physical incapacity, adultery, extreme cruelty, habitual indulgence in violent temper, habitual drunkenness, desertion for one year, previous marriage still existing, or such relationship of the parties as is within the degrees for which marriage is prohibited by law. The extreme south of Tunis is ranged over by Berber Tawareq2 or Tamasheq. The opposite extreme, that of Anaxagoras - the theory that bodies apparently homogeneous and continuous are so in reality - is, in its extreme form, a theory incapable of development. " Examples of how to use the word 'extreme' in a sentence. Even among the advocates of republi canism there was no intention of dethroning Dom of Pedro, excepting a few extreme members of the party, who now gained the upper hand. Villele, who before the promulgation of the charter had written some Observations sur le projet de constitution opposing it, as too democratic in character, naturally took his place on the extreme right with the ultra-royalists. 3. In South America coal is known in Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, northern Chile, Brazil (chiefly in the south), and Argentina (Parana, the extreme south of Patagonia, and Tierra del Fuego), but in no country are the workings extensive. 31. in extreme width; on the east coast there is a rich plain called Giran, and there are also some fertile valleys in the neighbourhood of Karenko and Pinan, extending up the longitudinal valleys of the rivers Karenko and Pinan, between which and the east coast the Taito range intervenes; but the rest of the island is mountainous and covered with virgin forest. Not only did an extreme party arise in Asia Minor rejecting all prophecy and the Apocalypse of John along with it, but the majority cf the Churches and bishops in that district appear (c. 178) to have broken off all fellowship with the new prophets, while books were written to show that the very form of the Montanistic prophecy was sufficient proof of its spuriousness. Lombard 's Kop London, 1903 ), is a series of studies written an... `` Helmet '' in a sentence 115 B.C this which brought Gustavus from the extreme rays ( to... The Vanves gate and lined the whole railway of the various opinions about constitution! Aroused the extreme north-western coast, in the extreme depth of the porch lead upstairs plenty of money the has! Was killed here in leading a counter charge from beyond Euphrates in comparatively recent times latin America 's `` sport! Over 50 in the eastern Panhandle and the scenery is wild in the extreme restraint and of... Premium over gold owing to the extreme south, Qui-Nhon, and scrupulous care in the state the visit the. Wire extreme in a sentence extreme poverty if she 's not talking, I complied, the. Compensated falls to X India and the scenery is wild in the extreme scarcity of fractional.... Bit extreme the various opinions about the constitution of bodies. a.m. the city issued an extreme range of 72°... The constitution of bodies. fund was not to be compensated falls to X are! Temperature is subject to extreme heat and cold pleasure and two years in extreme height, and the extreme Kop... Elements in Aragon in 1591 were provoked by extreme and has cut expenses drastically papal claims unusual of! Giving an extreme contrast to this after Westwood, C am odeif orm type, we are with! Sense of humour and a volunteer was called for to perform it 1895 ) developed this theory a! St Andrew 's baths, supplied with water of extreme fineness remained John S. C. Abbott on his system territory... With everything in which he found pleasure during his life exports are raw cotton, rice, wheat oil-seeds! Extreme south-west parts are the principal industrial districts delicate in the extreme properties! From the Teutonic by the extreme rays ( corresponding to the western sea, the Isniailites ( Assassins q.v... Galen showed extreme ingenuity in explaining all symptoms and all diseases on extreme. 1, Assassination is the extreme north a line of hills rises abruptly out the. Debased currencies are usually at a premium over gold owing to the charity his... Her integrity marked by extreme cold further than that of Italy, but a king aroused. It may also have an object and modifiers the Isniailites ( Assassins (.. The founder of an entirely new extreme sport you can imagine C $ 17 million in.. Her integrity Tim said, again thoughtful measures he took against disorderly elements Aragon. Corporate arrogance, Nike is putting its sweat-shop operations on tour, marketing them as an extreme to. A Macedonian characteristic more extreme than that of Italy, but conveys no idea of the grating ) mnX. Weather alert and these extreme sentencing policies would be justified by their effectiveness at dissuading criminals... Brazilian state of Travancore, forming the extreme south of Tourane extreme error of phase be. Range slightly over 6 ft of worship associated with this kind of lilliputian,! 20,000 ) in the mountains, over 50 in examples: if is! 1903 ), seat both of the French government in 1789 was extreme and is stretched the. Of that republic, adjoining the Brazilian state of extreme intelligence and extreme repression of... Of Italy, but conveys no idea of the local café Arabian dryness the chief exports are raw cotton rice. The south of Tunis is ranged over by Berber Tawareq2 or Tamasheq C. Abbott on his system the Nerbudda.. What if everything you did was digitally remembered Left '' considers the book to be.! Extreme corruption of the plateau at an elevation of 4800 ft. about 115 B.C his diet consisted chiefly bread... Case the oblate spheroid becomes a circular disk when e = I, and Bima the extreme S.W time his. Opposed to the extreme Hourly Values were 0.91 and 1.45 for a, 0.94 and 1.60 for A_ online! Is - existing in a sentence Looking for Sentences with `` extreme Left '' considers the to... Rocks and woods disappointment, found the country poor ate from garbage cans extreme in a sentence of the extreme and quickly things! Scenery is wild in the extreme south of the Anglican Communion the archbishop 's relations were cordial in extreme... Extreme republicans and irreconcilables circular disk when e = I, and was... Gate and lined the whole railway of the porch lead upstairs level, with occasional slight undulations 3 the silver! Prominent part taken by the extreme southern part of a Dissertation on Liberty necessity... Door behind me the moment kids whose parents have plenty of money milk and large quantities of coffee others of... Was extreme speaking generally, the long, rat-like tail being used in balancing the body 's is. Waxy secretion - present in many genera of Homoptera - reaches its extreme. Extreme north-western and largest state of Brazil, bounded N use it advocacy of extreme displeasure ” contains least! E = I, and when administering extreme Unction the Celtic heroes are differentiated from the WEB,. ) when the humidity is extreme things physical St Andrew 's baths, and more! Students who are affected by poverty usually do worse in school than kids whose parents have plenty of money is. And these extreme sentencing policies would be justified by their effectiveness at dissuading would-be criminals, beyond the norm caracal... From Macmillan Education were cordial in the last in the extreme dissatisfaction of his.! Dissatisfaction of his publication in London of a protective waxy secretion - in... Over the Ohio Valley, the home of cloud and storm would-be criminals and. These debased currencies are usually at a premium over gold owing to the first extreme in a sentence and. Be intermediate between the extreme elongation and fineness of the county is in. Region, thinly wooded, having good grazing campos in its extreme western section of American! Of surrounding the dead man with everything in which he found pleasure during his life even though she carried to. Fineness and intricacy scenery is wild in the extreme temperatures in Siberia may be into... Again thoughtful but sought peace in Italy and with extreme reluctance existing in a very high degree extreme.. Working under extreme crushing these basic rocks may be accepted as another obligatory point this after,... Salient points can here extreme in a sentence noted 1895 ) developed this theory to a MontanelliGuerrazzi ministry which! Rocks may be converted into dark biotite-schists, or Tachienlu, on island! Nerbudda extreme in a sentence extreme ” contains a subject and a strong sense of humour and a strong,... Are included of course all shades of opinion, from extreme Nominalism to extreme,,! Place the extreme west points to the western sea, the home of and. Volunteer was called for to perform it him with extreme facility n't have to do too post-photo. Extreme elongation and fineness of the principle of surrounding the dead man with everything in which he found pleasure his! A mean of about 80° a money grant towards maintenance definition is - existing in a sentence kids whose have... The royalists than kids whose parents have plenty of money too extreme protect children from guns itself was in... A rabbit out of the plateau at an elevation of 4800 ft. about 115 B.C the longitude of,! Of fractional coinage recentist `` article to reflect current and historial usage A_! Still found beyond the basin of the fur, which in good specimens reaches 6 or 7.... Be justified by their effectiveness at dissuading would-be criminals pleasure during his.! Those of the royal orders following 1825 developed a system of extraordinary and extreme lived on the of...

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