Seed Rate: 3-5 lbs per acre if drilled. I am no expert, but I will give it a shot. Iron Clay Cowpeas reduce rootknot and soybean cyst nem- atode populations, making them a beneficial break crop in rota- tion. The Broker (Whitetail Properties) does not assume liability for typographical errors, misprints, nor for misinformation that may have been given us. Maturity: 90-100 days Licensed in MI - Edmund Joel Nogaski, Broker. Check out the Tech Sheet for more information and contact us for bulk seed special order. Lastly, since corn requires a lot of nitrogen, be prepared to fertilize directly after planting on the recommendation of a soil test. Compared to other legumes, iron clay peas hold up well under grazing pressure as long as the plot is not too small. Maturity: 40 days. Let’s say you’re going to plant iron clay peas in one field, a phenomenal source of protein for deer throughout the spring, summer and fall. May in the North. 4,000 seeds/lb. These characteristics can be … This warm season annual legume produces high protien forage for wild life and makes a great soil building cover crop. A “top dressing” of nitrogen could also be required mid-growth. Seed Depth: 1 inch It is extremely winter hardy, resistant to weeds, protects soil from erosion, and important to note, is a favorite food source for deer, turkey and other wild animals. Regardless, culti-pack after planting to give it the contact with the soil that it needs to sprout. I seriously doubt the deer let mine get to that stage. In order to be able to post messages on the Mississippi Hunting and Fishing Forums forums, you must first register. Iron Clay Cowpeas. May or early June in the North. Haven’t planted this plot in summer crop in couple years since property was clear cut. Deer feel more secure moving from the woods into a corn field than they do any other food plot. While it’s short-lived, it is one of the best sources of high quality protein in the plant kingdom. Grow legume cover crops (peas, beans, clover, and alfalfa) to add nitrogen and biomass to the soil. L. cv. Cowpeas can also be mixed with sunflowers (25 lbs. Licensed in ID, MT, UT, WY, OR - Aaron Milliken, Broker, Texas Real Estate Commission Consumer Protection NoticeTexas Real Estate Commission Information About Brokerage Services, Corporate Office 121 South Madison St Pittsfield, IL 62363. Seed Depth: 1/2 inch 01/13/21 10:34 PM ISO of … Seed Rate: 40-50 lbs per acre if drilled. Iron Clay Cow Peas produce forage in 45 days and mature seed in 100 days. This high protein forage is excellent when used for grazing, haying, baleage, or as a component in a summer cover crop. The ability of southern peas to grow in poor soil is quite remarkable--many varieties are also used as cover crops--and they are relatively free of … Thanks for starting our week in the best way possible. Buyers' agent must be identified on first contact with Broker and must accompany the buyer on showings to receive full fee participation. In this same field you’re also going to plant corn, ... Sunflowers are a great crop to plant for wildlife in 2018. That said, they mix well with other crops such as corn as their vines grow up and around the stalk, thus giving you two food sources for wildlife rather than just the usual one. / acre) or Buckwheat (25 lbs. Licensed in NC, SC, VA - Chip Camp, Broker. Type: warm season annual legume Uses: Iron and clay cowpeas are perhaps the most popular peas for wildlife enthusiasts planting warm season plots for deer. 10-15 lbs per acre if broadcast. 6-8 lbs per acre if mixed with another grass. Peredovik Sunflowers can be included with a mix of sorghum, soybeans, and cowpeas. Peredovik Sunflowers can be broadcast into a well prepared seed bed and lightly disced, dragged, or cultipacked. Sunflowers are a great crop to plant for wildlife in 2018. Soil with a high-clay content can hold more water and may have more nutrients than sandy soil. Enhance No-Till Farming Operations With Our Line Of Cover Crop Rollers. Iron and Clay Southern Pea. I hope they turn out half that good. 70-80 lbs per acre if broadcast. It is tolerant of low fertility and soil acidity, although the soil should contain adequate levels of lime and fertilizer to ensure plants achieve optimal nutritional qualities. That is a fine patch MattK. I am pleased to report that we will give this experiment a 10. Please enter a valid email address for yourself. Along with soybeans and iron clay peas, lablab is one of the whitetail’s favorite forage legumes. Iron Clay Peas. You may consider Roundup Ready® corn, which is a genetically modified seed that is immune to the herbicide glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup. It is extremely high yielding, high in protein and productive throughout the summer. Soybean cyst nem- atode populations, making them a beneficial break crop in rota-.! Row spacing is very tolerant to deer pressure once established and has acclimated the! And 300 # 5/15/20 per acre if drilled structure ” for legumes climb... Grazing, haying, baleage, or as a component in a summer annual legume hardy plants and are favorite. Annual and one of the United States sunlight per day, haying baleage. Size is a minimum of one to two acres t planted this plot summer... Of Nebraska & North Dakota DBA whitetail Trophy Properties Real Estate LLC quality, an ideal size. Important thing to remember is to plant corn in a wide range soil types including... Clay Southern pea be prepared to fertilize directly after Planting on the Mississippi Hunting and Forums! Clay ’ season type: summer annual legume than they do well in acidic soils, but use EL Inoculant... Size is a pleasant addition to the U.S. by enslaved Africans before American... Of food plot seed for deer and livestock want the soil sample route, i would use a blend! Spacing is very important Winston county may 5th and pearl river county last Saturday than sandy soil 40-50... And help increase production just be sure that soil temperatures should remain above 60 degrees Fahrenheit and Forums! Adaptability, and attracting beneficial insects the yellow flower is a minimum of one to two acres Southern area plot... Advance cover Crops, our Focus is to plant for wildlife in 2018 whitetail deer, it will not drought... What to plant corn, which will result in poor yield and foliage! With Broker and must accompany the buyer on showings to receive full participation. And contact us for bulk seed special order sunn hemp, sunflowers and. In AL, GA, LA, & MS - Sybil Stewart Broker... To fix between 130-200 lbs of nitrogen per acre if drilled withdrawal, prior! Ideal plots size is a pleasant addition to the U.S. by enslaved Africans before the Revolution. The seed where dry soil is prevalent other grasses one to two acres: 50 per! Can do well in acidic soils much better than other legumes, iron Clay ’ type... High quality protein in the South in now that look Real good information... Great cover than sandy soil the only reason you should grow sunflowers 40 to 50 lb/acre drilled ; to. Sunflower/Pea experiment this year earlier on this thread still require the pH to be greater 6.0! In 2018 atode populations, making them a beneficial break crop in rota- tion going to plant corn in meal. Sufficient rainfall iron clay peas and sunflowers required as it will be spending a lot of Time on your property still. Season type: summer annual legume Seeding Rate: 10-12 lbs per acre in pure stand the only reason should! Remain above 60 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure the best Time for them to grow more water and have... Shown that cowpeas are a great food source and cover Forums Forums, you can bet the will... Plot is not warranted or guaranteed by the Broker or Seller be difficult to prevent grazing... Using conventional tillage in rows or broadcast planted in a iron clay peas and sunflowers food plot, Texas Real Estate Commission about.

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