Sold. They’re really basic valve amps. Guitar is Fender Stratocaster. We both use sixteen twelve-inch speakers and two two-hundred watt amps. “The Who” faceplate, centered with tighter text layout, with “The Who” centered over Master Volume control. Courtesy Cooper Owen and Hiwatt Story Gold Supporting Member. (Including Keith's Pictures of Lily-kit) // ]]> -->, Ca. Whereabouts unknown. It features a two-way EQ swi… Guitar is Fender Stratocaster. Above and right, top amp (chrome faceplate) is customised Sound City with Hiwatt nameplate; Bottom two amps (black faceplate) are customised Hiwatt Custom DR103 amplifiers, customised to the CP103 specification, though no “The Who” faceplate. Speakers cabinets are four Sound City 200w 4×12 cabinets, with herringbone grille evidently held together with gaffer’s tape. 100 Watt . Onstage we start off at volume 2, maybe 2½. In 1966, bassist John Entwistle was looking for a set of roundwound strings "which vibrated properly". Modèle : Hiwatt SE4129 Année : 1974 Prix : VENDU. Peter Dennis Blandford Townshend (born 19 May 1945) is an English guitarist, singer and composer. // ]]> -->. Based on the Custom 50, the CP-504 features more gain and a more responsive Show More Shop with a Friend Il est la destruction traduite en musique, l’angoisse adolescente transformée en riffs inoubliables, et la brutalité du rock sous sa forme la plus pure. I’ve got amps specially made for me by Hi-Watt. The newer Hiwatt UK sold the head to another collector who had it for a few years. Photos of a Hiwatt DR103 (type SAP, serial no. Click image to view larger version. Click images to view larger versions. Een interview wat Pete heeft gedaan voor de BBC serie The Story Of The Guitar. 1973, detail of jack plate of junction/splitter box on rack. document.write('Photo: Baron Wolman'); document.write('Photo: Martin Bong, from “The Who In Sweden,” by Olle Lundin.'); Many thanks to Brad Rodgers.