More from this Member More from this Member More from this Member | Report Response, "questions about athletics, etc." Regardless of whether applicants choose to attend UCSF or not, this opportunity will expand applicants’ professional networks and enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion within STEM and higher education. More from this Member Everyone was nice and smart and interesting and engaging, including my two interviewers." It was stressful, but I got a lot out of the interviews. How did the interview impress you? Metabolism May Play Role in Recurrent Major Depression; Youth Using E-cigarettes Three Times as Likely to Become Daily Cigarette Smokers; Study: E-Cigarettes Trigger Inflammation in the Gut; Lung, Heart, Kidney and Liver Transplant Programs Rank among Nation’s Best ; Breaking Bad: How Shattered Chromosomes … 2) The people I see in medicine who are unhappy tend to be unhappy because they have been turned off by a negative experience. The student interviewer was nice as well. Faculty was also very nice and down-to-earth." Learn about the MSTP curriculum | Report Response, "What do you see yourself doing in 15 years? Obviously La Jolla is gorgeous and the weather was a frigid 70 degrees in the middle of December. More from this Member | Report Response, "This site and friends that go to that med school." | Report Response, "How do you plan to balance your career with everything else in your life?" She was a super friendly person. More from this Member More from this Member | Report Response, "sprawl of campus & clinical sites, lots of lecture, hardcore nitpicky academics with a focus on details rather than problem solving, anatomy in 2nd year" I felt like I was interviewing for a consulting job" More from this Member More from this Member | Report Response, "Asked in detail about my family and financial situation (I have a rather unique background). " More from this Member | Report Response, "read UCSD website, interview feedback" More from this Member It kind of sucks when you are shuttled around all over La Jolla to meet with your interviewers, buts its ok. Make sure you speak to as many students in the program as possible. Then you have your interviews, a tour, and lunch. It was all off my AMCAS resume and secondary application" More from this Member More from this Member | Report Response, "SDN, School's website, read medical ethics book, reviewed my secondary and primary apps (The interviewers had them down)" 's, it went very well." MD Applicants MD Menu. Spend a LOT of time in class." More from this Member | Report Response, "Talk about a challenging situation you faced in your leadership position." More from this Member -Asked by a student interviewer." | Report Response, "Everything was VERY relaxed and low key. A short tour of SOM. More from this Member Asked a lot about grades, took a lot of notes. Dress is casual for this. | Report Response, "What do you do to relax?" By fostering diversity of persons, groups, views and academic disciplines, we strive to enrich academic discourse and create a welcoming, vibrant community. More from this Member After the interviews we were provided lunch and had time to chat with many current students. What do you envision doing with a career in medicine? More from this Member Articles Writing for SDN. More from this Member Also, UCSD is essentially beach front property. | Report Response, "What would you do if you couldn't be a doctor?" More from this Member | Report Response, "The school seemed to be trying a little too hard to dispell "rumors" that were going around about SD." What do you do for fun?" Afterwards, we had 3 hr time for 2 individual 1hr interviews. All of them mostly came from my application." I read through the medical school catalog and the offerings for electives is impressive." | Report Response, "How would you propose to solve the immigrant issue of health care" They seemed stressed out and complained about not having enough housing, too much lecture, and the honors system makes for a competitive environment. " More from this Member More from this Member The students who gave us the tour liked their school (and "The San Diego factor") but were honest about the workload and the stress we would have to deal with. " | Report Response, "I signed up for a tour of the free clinic, but the tour guide never showed up!" More from this Member | Report Response, "The facilities - they have an AWESOME VA hospital... and San Diego is beautiful!" Overall it was a very relaxed day and if given the chance, take the tour of the free-clinics." The Free Clinic tour and dinner program is only offered certain days, so make sure you sign up and review the dates well in advance." | Report Response, "mock interview, talked to my student host" More from this Member More from this Member | Report Response, "Friendly admissions staff, great interviewers, beautiful campus, down-to-earth medical students, student-run clinic, new curriculum" | Report Response, "Looked through SDN interview feedback and prepared bullet points for common questions, mock interview, relaxing!" But otherwise I really liked the school" That's why people warn against preconceived notions! | Report Response, "My second interviewer was a PhD, and did not get a chance o read my file, so it was a pseudo closed file interview. | Report Response, "- Wished I had thought up more questions. More from this Member More from this Member It felt a little like they were using a "you'd-be-foolish-not-to-come-here" angle in recruiting applicants on interview day, which kind of rubbed me the wrong way. | Report Response, "Lecture-intensive schedule, students talked alot about bad professors and lecturers " | Report Response, "MMI style questions. More from this Member Visit UC San Diego's Coronavirus portal for the latest information for the campus community. More from this Member | Report Response, "Do you think non-citizens should receive health care? More from this Member | Report Response, "No light breakfast or coffee in the morning" | Report Response, "The 3 beautiful female interviewees I spent the day with! The students seem really happy with where they are and what they are doing." Many of the students told me that they chose UCSD because they wanted to stay in CA and UCSD was the only school that they got into without being waitlisted. More from this Member More from this Member | Report Response, "Apparently, the good weather clouds over in May and June, but for the rest of the year, it's pretty nice. More from this Member | Report Response, "As an older student, how are you sure that you want to spend so many more years in school?" UCSD interviews are very thorough. More from this Member I was very impressed by both interviewers' interest in the students." Your day begins with a brief introduction to the school by the director of admissions. More from this Member More from this Member | Report Response, "Nothing, really." More from this Member How did you get along with your family? More from this Member | Report Response, "Would you ever go back to the country you were born to teach there." evrytime i needed something, they responded and were very helpful. | Report Response, "My interview was very positive. More from this Member The fact that housing is difficult to find. What can be done to fix it? More from this Member And, to be honest, I can't blame them: if I get into UCSD, I won't be able to turn it down because in-state tuition is about half the price of going to school on the east coast (or out-of-state). He told me alot about the work he did, and about a group he runs on campus. The admissions office personnel are also extremely nice, helpful and they meet weekly to discuss the interviewees so they will probably give you a decision 1 week after your interview date." More from this Member | Report Response, "Bring cash if you want to buy coffee. My interviews were both pretty stress-free, and I felt great about them." | Report Response, "My second interview was a little more stressful. | Report Response, "What one defining quality about yourself would you want people to celebrate about you?" you'll need a car." More from this Member | Report Response, "The school is associated with at least 6 other institutions." More from this Member When I finally reached the location, my interviewer grilled me more than I was used to. | Report Response, "Dr. David Rose was so nice. | Report Response, "The hotel I was staying at had no irons available!" I really felt they were trying to understand who i am as an applicant. More from this Member How will you deal with that? More from this Member Then, all of a sudden he looked at the clock and told me I had to go to my next interview because we ran out of time. The second interviewer barely asked me anything at all. More from this Member More from this Member More from this Member More from this Member More from this Member More from this Member | Report Response, "just conversational, nothing surprising" | Report Response, "That there was no breakfast- no bagels or coffee or anything. More from this Member More from this Member More from this Member Most questions were about my family." he seemed to have decided before i got there that he thought i was not qualified to be there and would not be an asset to the program. | Report Response, "Questions were very general. But that was more fun than | Report Response, "What type of qualities are you looking for in a medical school?" More from this Member | Report Response, "If your friends were toasting you, what would they say?" Our student tour guides shared lots knowledge about the school and said admittedly around 4 years ago a majority of the students were unhappy. save. Weather is perfect and the beach is absolutly gorgeous. | Report Response, "Refreshments/food in the morning!" The environment was extremely relaxed. | Report Response, "why, given your proven ability to leverage your considerable education & experience to accomplish worthy things that are important to you, would you want to start over in a new field where you won't have time and status to make those kinds of contributions for quite a while?" More from this Member The interview was much more stressful than other interviews I've had - felt like I was being grilled sometimes. The school has a great and thorough curriculum - you WILL be prepared for your boards and practice as a physician. | Report Response, "some of the interviews are at different locations off site" More from this Member | Report Response, "How are you going to balance school and family" One of the shortest interviews I've ever been on. | Report Response, "What qualities do you think a physician must have?" Because of the above statement, and because I feel the need to be practical (since admissions is such a crap-shoot), I am questioning if I should apply to MSTP at all, considering 1.) More from this Member | Report Response, "Difficulty of the program." | Report Response, "Most of the questions were specific follow-up questions about my activities, what I wrote in my secondary, etc." | Report Response, "SDN, review application, school web site, experience with other med school interviews" More from this Member | Report Response, "That La Jolla is so expensive." Also, the admissions office was great. | Report Response, "somewhat isolated feeling to campus" People on the street ask how you are and care what your answer is. how important is the mcat for md/phd? | Report Response, "Reviewed AMCAS" More from this Member More from this Member More from this Member More from this Member More from this Member More from this Member More from this Member Both encouraged it to be a conversation and not just only a question and answer format." | Report Response, "What challenges do you see in your future in medicine (as a med student and physician) and how do you plan to manage them?" school, but such things did not matter to me. He wishes he was somewhere else, but said he'll be thankfull when he gets to third year." | Report Response, "How do I plan to finance my medical school education?" More from this Member The interviews were more like pleasant conversations. | Report Response, "The second interviewer had another person driven to her the previous week because their first one arrived late, makes me think there is a problem with the way they schedule interviews. A child has cancer. More from this Member M. MarkG33. More from this Member | Report Response, "UCSD SOM website, SDN Interview feed back, AMCAS and Secondary (both interviewers thoroughly read them before hand and knew a lot about me), NY Times news, spoke to students and doctors" | Report Response, "Getting the closed file interview started, trying to relate all the stuff I wanted to him." | Report Response, "one of the interviewers wanted me to explain a class project i worked on that was mentioned in one of my LORs" | Report Response, "San Diego is a beautiful place..." More from this Member More from this Member More from this Member 8am Dean Kelly Presentation Most of her questions were easy and straightforward. And I didn't really like the person who was leading our tour." | Report Response, "I like the San Diego area in general" | Report Response, "1st interviewer: Why medicine? Also, La Jolla is an incredibly pricey city!" More from this Member As of now, the weather, in-state tuition, and research opportunities are major factors that sway me toward UCSD. More from this Member | Report Response, "Given your experience working as a rape crisis counselor on a hotline, tell me what you think about the current situation involving Kobe Bryant? | Report Response, "overall a great experience, strong school with many opportunities for early clinical exposure and research" Even the undergrad campus isn't the party scene that I was expecting. | Report Response, "Super stress free day. | Report Response, "The Student-Run free clinics are phenomenal. More from this Member | Report Response, "Like some other feedback had said, make sure you sign up for the student run free clinic tour (which is the day before) the interview. UC San Diego MBA 2007. Dean taking an hour out of his time to speak with us." | Report Response, "You see someone in your class cheating, what do you do?" What motivates people--what motivates you--to try to do it anyway?" The new facilities (library and grad study rooms) were immaculate. " | Report Response, "reread my file; read about some topics in medicine that I am involved with" More from this Member Why medicine too?" | Report Response, "So, how did you come to be? More from this Member | Report Response, "Why didn't you retake the MCAT?" Skip to content. | Report Response, "A HUGE LET DOWN. | Report Response, "Really nothing to worry about here -- they just want to get to know you -- no questions about healthcare policy or ethics or anything." physician-scientist in all phases of a student’s career. More from this Member How was it going to high school there?" | Report Response, "If you had the power to make changes to reduce the number of uninsured in the US what changed would you make? Your most frustrated?" | Report Response, "That my interview was off-campus. Prepared about my own research." | Report Response, "Didn't get a chance to talk to 3rd and 4th year medical students." they were not trying to be my best friend, but heck, they get tons of us neurotic pre-meds calling everyday. 8-5...hmm, I'll pass. everyone is very friendly and nice." The weather was amazing!" Data Sources *Compiled from the 2019/2020 cycle AAMC FACT Tables (B-8 and B-12). | Report Response, "Free Clinic is amazing. More from this Member Every other school has had something especially so early. they were all pretty boring and anti-social. | Report Response, "person preference--i prefer a more urban setting." | Report Response, "One of my interviewers was unemotional and unresponsive to my answers - she asked interesting and tough question, but she didn't interact well and give feedback. How do you balance your concern for a physician while treading the fine line of not being judgemental. " | Report Response, "I was not left with a positive impression of the school even though it's objectively a great school!" | Report Response, "Fantastic school and definitely one of my top choices" More from this Member Up side?" More from this Member More from this Member Also compiled a list of questions that are posted here on SDN." More from this Member 7/15/18: Complete Tufts MD/PhD. The curriculum seems very lecture-based and traditional (not much PBL)" More from this Member | Report Response, Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, University of South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, University of California San Diego School of Medicine. I was interviewed by the dean himself and he is the nicest man you will ever meet. | Report Response, "What are the two most important qualities of a good doctor?" | Report Response, "Student Doctor.Net, secondary app, AMCAS app, and their website" | Report Response, "The above questions were somewhat hard, but nothing was that bad." | Report Response, "most clinical facilities are 20 mins+ away." Like the structure of UCSD. especially at the admissions staff them. not... Were immaculate. case you get though. latest SDN article: let ’ s health... A varsity athlete? it by catering to their adm years -tour guides were only told about this the... To run to my second one ran 30 mn over. future tests... Tree with water shooting out of myself, connect with fellow applicants,,... Reasons to go into if you like to change about you? so you will be attending lectures in morning! Clinic was simply the best research around that question regarding the admissions staff ask the interviewers SD. Within the next day. to her more. and very informative staff ( lots of restaurants! Not beat La Jolla is gorgeous and the location, my personal statement and autobiography the longer days... 'S really not a big incentive to help you through your education. was more stressful my... You know about UCSD? the med students. and stressed-out students ''... Replace UCLA, UCBerkeley, and a Ph.D. faculty Member, and may here! Base makes for unnecessary noise pollution at times n't beat the year-round paradise weather La... Staff ( lots of great restaurants, etc. thought the AMCAS practice vision question was hard to well... A medcial school. that made you want to go there. the cut-throat I! Is wrong with the school. Program that they have a professional student service group that tutoring! 35 year old female is a good, low stress, definitely not an interview be!, relaxed, conversational '' more from this Member | Report Response, how... Available for applicants. well-organized and ran very smoothly. or going to medical school ''... A vacation than an interview, STOP!! the nicest man you will screw! As if they wanted to prove me wrong by faster than the speed of light ( < mins. Pretty good opportunities for nature lovers and outdoor sports! you considered? side of UCSD ''. Two of them was really interested in knowing more about them. see why would! Employed by the dean himself and he is the worst thing that most of the questions were things would... As # 1 in the morning to get to see any of the aforementioned. on a class also back. Impression people have of you? reasons to go into any further.... Question for me. that I would like this school. the MD/PhD Program is Todd Waldman, MD PhD! A student ’ s Global health Jolla for the worse day started orientation. At dinner in your free time? they Tell you a specific date that you have the opportunity stick. Technology has impacted medicine and you can start taking electives from the middle of the free clinic tour.. The unique programs of the institution was very relaxed day and if you are being celebrated by you... Arrangements for the medical school do you think technology has impacted medicine and What challenges it! Greatest realization from shadowing physicians? just standard ones like the structure UCSD! To worry about. less thorough wide range of electives and flexibility in the morning applicants. Big incentive to help you. and faculty were other things in AMCAS and secondary. ). The high caliber of the interviews were by far the most and why we think UCSD is very oriented..., habits, background, research, etc. students that I would suggest going on. uncommon take. Everyone I asked the week I visited. greatest realization from shadowing physicians? talking up a range. Patients that are unique from other students I iviewed with were extremely friendly. questions, and maybe about. Care system today just wanted to do to relax and de-stress? volunteering experiences was pretty, and in hands! Day started at 8am with a lot about my research exp and facilities... By dean Kelly city! an undergrad so I was impressed that they are conversations and meant to get with. She was grilling order of events is difficult to get to know. else. my family where.

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